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Building Commissioning


Building commissioning is a systematic process to ensure building systems perform according to the design intent and the Owner's operational requirements. It is a quality assurance program that is focused on long term building performance.


Buildings that do not function at an optimum performance level cost more to operate and negatively affect your bottom line. Poor performing buildings require excessive repairs and result in shorter equipment life. Buildings that do not provide a safe, comfortable environment will result in employee absenteeism, tenant turnover and the possibility of legal liability.

What We Can Do For You

At Ritz Industries we offer a full range of Building Commissioning Services from pre-design through post construction including, but not limited to, the following:

Development / Review of Owner's Project

Requirements and Basis of Design

Commissioning Plans

Design and Contract Document Review

Commissioning Process Facilitator

Prefunctional Checklist Development

Functional Test Procedure Development

Onsite Field Testing and Commissioning

Test Results Documentation

Operations Manual Review

Owner Training

Final Commissioning Record

Project Warranty Inspections

Systems Manual Development

LEED Certification Commissioning

Balancing Report Verification

Retro-Commissioning Services

Audit of Building HVAC & Other Energy Consuming Systems

Review of Past Utility Bills

Interview of Facility Operating Personnel

Diagnostic Monitoring & Testing of Building Systems

Identification & Implementation of Lower Cost Operational

& Maintenance Measures

Proposed Resolutions to More Complex Issues

Training of Facility Staff

Building Operating Manuals

System Maintenance Plans

Building Retrofit Design

Long Term Re-Commissioning Plans

HVAC System Testing

Laboratory System Verification

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